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Product Review by MN Bike Trail NavigatorLone Peak Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack 



I first learned of Lone Peak Packs last year at Interbike in Las Vegas where I met owner Gary Hubbert.  He showed me his full line of cycling packs that are designed and made right here in the USA.  The one pack that caught my eye was the Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack.  For me, this pack would become a great dual service bag that I would use year-round on the fatbike and road bike.
The Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack has 330 cubic inches of space to hold necessary items for those long rides.  The main compartment holds larger items while the smaller front compartment works well for items like keys, cell phones or snacks.  The three-point, multi-adjustable straps make mounting this bag easy for just about any type of handlebar set-up.  My Trek Crossrip Elite has interrupter brake levers or "cross levers" that can make mounting some handlebar bags difficult, but I had no problem securing the Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack to my bars.  It stayed in place without moving or swaying, even when loaded up with gear. A  polyethylene liner runs the full length of the pack to help keep its shape and support the weight of the items contained within.
The Ballistic Nylon fabric and flaps covering the zippers kept my gear dry during rainstorms and slushy, wet winter rides. 
I really liked this pack for winter fatbike rides, it had that extra space I needed for things like goggles, gloves, a balaclava and snacks.  I would bring what I needed or store what I didn't for changing weather conditions or all day rides.  It was nice having these things close at hand, I could remove my goggles or switch to a warmer pair of gloves and stash them in the pack without getting off the bike.
Once Winter was over and it was time to hit the road again, the Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack would become an essential part of my road bike gear.  Whether it was long distance gravel/road, commuting to work or just riding around Minneapolis, it held what I needed for the ride.
This is a quality handcrafted pack that has a good amount of storage space, stays put and is reasonably priced.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and its durable design and stitching should provide many years of useful service.  
The Lone Peak Pfeifferhorn Handlebar Pack is available from the Lone Peak online store for $39.95 and comes in Black, Blue, Red and Steel.
Disclosure:  Lone Peak provided the review sample for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review. 

Comment: I have been a bicycle tourist for many years, since about 1979 when your company started. I have used several kinds of panniers that usually start coming apart after a couple of tours. A couple of years ago I bought a barely used pair of Parley's Summits for commuting. They are the easiest loading, best looking, most well made panniers I have ever owned. A month ago I slid and fell while crossing some gravel in a downhill corner. My bike and I were barely scratched and for days after I wondered what protected me. Then one day I spotted a slightly scuffed spot near the bottom of one pannier. I then realized that my bike and I had fallen ON TOP of that pannier! And it continued holding a load as securely as ever.

Your company also has sentimental value for me as my first epic tour was from Salt Lake City to Denver in June, 1980. I am saving up for a pair of Mount Rainiers for my next tour.

Thanks, Rick Shaver

Lou photo

This is one of our long tme customers on a trip with his wife. 

Thanks for the support Lou!



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