Lone Peak Packs – Quality Packs Made in the USA!

At Lone Peak we stand behind all the products we make.  And we are confident they will stand up and perform as designed.  If you are not satisfied with one of our products purchase from Lone Peak directly, you may return it with in 6mo for a refund.  After that time, we will consider any item for return that are defective due to materials and craftmanship. 

We do strive to use the best materials we can find, but sometimes we cannot be responsible for components that fail.  If a zipper goes out after years of use, or a buckle gets slammed in a door, or the dog eats through your 15-year-old pack.  We can and do repair of all our bags.  Simply give us a call or email us to find out if your pack can be rescued. 


Lone Peak Packs