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Radio Chest Packs

The Lone Peak Radio Chest Pack, has been the standard for over 40 years.  On the slopes or in your warehouse, the Lone Peak chest pack is indispensable.  We often tell our first-time customers that the chest harness is one of those items that you don’t know you need until you have tried it.  Then you wonder where they have been all your life.

Built to the high standards of Lone Peak, we excel at chest packs.  We start with our custom-built fabric that not only holds up but is also a structural component of the chest rig.  It is designed to hold the radio, even the large size ones and all you the user to not know it’s there all day long.

The webbing is designed to fit 99% of radios out there.  We don’t say universal and not mean it.  You can set up your harness the first time and then forget it.  Infinite Velcro adjustments and over the top bungee support make the Lone Peak Chest Pack the go to back for serious professionals.

Once your pack is dialed in, your radio is meant to be used directly from the harness.  The Pack positions your radio close enough to your face to pick up clear voice modulation, and it can even be tilted to read LCD screens.

Our harness is built to be worn by most everyone.  The 4-point, crossing body straps, will adjust from small up to a serious 4XL.  If you are the type of person with a large barrel chest, we can help with that as well with a plus size set of straps.

Need a specialty radio application?  High visibility for industries such as road crews, railroad, and flight line, we have that.  We use genuine 3M reflective that last and last in the toughest environments and lighting conditions.

Need to carry extra gear?  Almost all our packs come with a full zippered accessory pocket which is great for note pads, pens, phones, and the like.  But if you need to carry extra radios, batteries, smart phones, we have a chest pack to hold that.

Look to Lone Peak for all your communication needs.  We have been committed to helping working people manage their gear for a long time and will continue to do so for years to come.

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