Lone Peak Packs – Quality Packs Made in the USA!

At Lone Peak we strive to use the best materials we can get hold of.  Fabric, buckles, webbing, and zipper are all scrutinized for quality and durability over time. 

Fabric, the main material we use in 95% of our products is a 1000 D textured nylon.  This was originally designed for use in the side wall of radial tires.  Think of all the abuse your car tires take and you can guess how well it works for bags.  It is so strong we have had seen bags wear out clothing it is being carried next to.  At Lone Peak we get calls from customers that have bags that are still being used 2o0 and 25 years later.   We think that is a good thing.  If you are worried about environmental impact, the clear choice is to purchase something that is made to last a lift time.  Instead of purchasing something that will fail and need to be rebought next year. 

Buckles, we use top of the line nylon and Delrin buckles from top ITW Nexus and National Molding corporation.  These buckles last for years if take care of.   If they get caught in a car door or if your pooch gets a hankering for the feel of a plastic part in the back of their teeth, then we can’t help you.   Of course, product lines at these companies change over time and we have to update lines with current offerings.  If you have a old bag with an old buckle on it, we strive to keep a quantity on hand for that kind of replacement.  But as lines are decades out of production, please be understanding if we don’t have anymore, and need to use a newer style. 

Webbing.  We use webbing that is made to work the best over time.  In most cases that is a top-quality nylon backpacking style of webbing.  It is made to work with the buckles we have used over and over again.  Even while being used in the outdoors under the rain and sun.  But know there is currently not anything being made that will hold up for ever.  Even the best webbing can fade and become brittle under direct sunshine.  Or if a strap gets caught in your spokes while riding, then you may have a problem. 

Zipper.  There are a lot of zippers out there, but we use YKK simply because they are the best.  They work better and last longer than the average.  We even go a step further by using a Nickle plated zipper pull.  The average bag company uses a pained black pull.  And the thing is these are the first things go on a bag.  The zipper pull wears our or breaks and then you can’t zip your bag shut.  Our pulls last longer because of the nickel plating.  On some of our bags, we use a sealed zipper.  This has a thick coating to help keep out the rain.  Over time this coating can begin to peal off. 

Simply put, we want to make you the best bag we can.  We are only as good as the products we use on our bags.  We sincerely hope your bags work flawlessly for years to come and bring you joy because we put our heart and soul into these things.