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Handlebar Packs

The Lone Peak Handlebar pack is one of the most widely used bags in our lineup.  With sizes and shapes to fit most styles of riding and needs for carrying those things you feel are essential to your daily, weekly or extended bicycle ride, we have a handlebar bag for you.

Our Pfeifferhorn is by far our most sold.  small, easy to put on and a great price point.  it carry’s more than you think and will see you through a 100 mile ride in a day.  Or a short trip to the store.

The Alta handlebar bag is our flag ship bag.  built to be taken on and off the bike quickly and easily on long rides.  lots of space to carry food, water and even an extra layer when you get to hot.  The map case still functions well when you use a paper map, but also a smart phone can be used when you want a more modern navigation method.

Made here in the USA with the finest material we can find.  Built to last a lifetime.  You may even pass these bags down to your kids.



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