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Seat Packs, Seat Packs And More Seat Packs.

Have you ever gone to a bike shop looking for a selection of seat packs and been surprised to only find a couple of small sizes and any color as long as its black? We have too. We want to carry lots of things in our seat bag. We ride long and short trips and will need many different things over the course of our trip. How to navigate the landscape of bags for your bike. Let us help you out a bit.

At Lone Peak we wanted to make sure that riders of all sorts could have a choice in what they put on their bike, especially in regard to Seat Packs. Let’s start with the style of riding you do.

Are you a roadie? Slick carbon fiber frame, bare minimum on your bike? Don’t want to blur the lines of that $5000 dollar frame? Do you measure every ounce or gram? Lone Peak has a bag for that. The Micro seat pack is only big enough for the bare essentials. Tire levers, patch kit, spare tube, Co2 cartridge. Maybe some emergency cash. But the beauty is that it tucks up under your saddle between the rails of your seat to essentially be out of the way.

Do you like a little more space? Do you ride more for the journey and not the finished ride? Well Lone Peak has a couple of bags for that as well. It depends on what you want to carry. The Mini Wedge Seat Pack, has room for the essentials, plus your wallet, keys, phone (if its small) and maybe a snack or 2. Need more room? The expandable mini wedge has an expanding bottom that adds about 50% more space to the bag, giving you room for a small lightweight layer to be pealed off.

Need even more room? Look to the Expandable wedge. This bag we affectionately call the Chihuahua bag. Only because when expanded out, you could, not that you would, put your small dog in there. Do you like to ride and stop and shops or garage sales? This bag is for you.

With the expansion of bike packing, we have also come out with our Expedition Seat Pack. This thing allows you to carry several changes of closes. A small sleeping bag, or the kitchen sink. This has been equally appealing to our road crowd as it is to the fat tire outback riding crowd.

Why Lone Peak? A few reasons come to mind. Quality. We routinely get calls that our bags outlive the bicycle. Customers transfer their bag from one bike to the next simply because it keeps on working and doing its job. We use only the best materials so that our bags last and last. The last thing we want is for a bag to rip out after 1 season of use. We want it to work year after year. We also believe in making a bag that holds its shape. Most of our bags have a plastic frame sheet that helps it stay looking good for as long as you have the bag. Plus, it enhances the performance by keeping the bag away from your legs while riding. Let no thigh strike happen.

We also believe that color matters. Bike shops like to carry the lowest common denominator. That means black. They believe that black goes with everything. And for the most part it does. But color helps you stand out. Just ask our Recumbent customers.

So if you are looking for a great seat pack that will last as long as you need it to, look no further. Lone Peak has your back. Or at least the back of your seat.