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The life and times of the fanny pack

I have considered myself the guru of bags. I have loved bags since I was old enough to learn to sew on my mothers old sewing machine. Taking the cut off portion of the old jeans turned into shorts and sewing the ends up to make into stuff sacks for my toys. I have always been amazed the size and shape of bags, designs, trends, and materials. Having over 30 years of experience now, and looking back, it is funny to see some of those trends making a full circle.

One of those trends is the infamous fanny pack. I am a child of the 80’s and that recalls images of Miami Vice, MC Hammer Pants, and of course Fanny Packs. Shades of teal, purple, and all kinds of fluorescent, still burn ghost images into my retinas. Fanny packs represent some of the very first bags I designed and made. And they hold a special place In my heart.

At Lone Peak we have been making fanny packs for over 35 years. We have had a fanny pack that was worn to the top of mountains, on the back of mountain bikers, and through many a town throughout the world.

But now the simple fanny pack has made a comeback. Worn around the body, it should really be classified as a cross body bag, it now packs a lot of features for the person on the go. The well designed fanny pack, is starting to win out over a larger and heavier backpack. You can quickly turn the bag from your back to your front, to have access anytime you want. Be able to grab your wallet or ever-present water bottle whatever you need. Or simply keep things safe while in a crowd of people.

What do you look for in a good pack? Materials? Craftmanship? Style? Function? Can you say you have a bag that you have used for over 25 years and you don’t want to give it up? We can. Lone Peak has had customer after customer who comes back because the zipper has finally gone out and they don’t want to part with the pack that has served them so well. With our materials and craftmanship, you can’t lose.

We believe that 1000 D Cordura is one of the best materials out there. First designed for use in the sidewalls of your radial tires. Think about how your tires work when you hit curb while parking. Now think of that same abuse proof material works in your bags. The trend has been to go ever lighter and lighter. But we suggest doing that only when you like buying something new each year because it wears out. We also use genuine YKK zippers, simply because they last longer than other zippers out here.

Lone Peak craftmanship has been touted as the best for over 40 years. We get call after call thanking us for our well put together bags. Yes, once in a while we do make a mistake, but that is why we stand behind our bags 100%. If there is ever a problem with sewing or materials, you can return it.

We will continue to look for better ways to make bags. Our Millcreek hip sack is a tried-and-true fanny pack, that can be used in the front, back or cross body. Works well as a daily essential carry all for all your needs. Our smallest fanny pack, the walk about, serves to carry things like wallets and keys. A dog trainer friend swears by these bags for carrying dog treats for important training days.

In the end we always ask, “where will Lone Peak take you?” for what ever the need we have a bag for that.