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The Universal Radio Chest Harness – The Piece Of Equipment You Never Knew You Needed.

Working with a two-way radio or walkie talkie for some of us is a way of life. For first responders, warehouse workers, construction, even your Wal-Mart greeter has one. You see them on belt loops, whanging in pockets, Even dragging down the waist band of stretchy yoga pants. We all have to carry them and use them, the question is how to best carry one. The crux of the problem is that if you have to carry a radio, you usually need to carry other things along with it. Your smart phone, pens, paper, keys, etc.

There is also the point of protection of the radios we carry. Face it, these things cost a lot of money. The average cost of a high quality Two-way radio these days runs between $400 and $600. Now walk into a door way with one on your hip, or climb into a forklift with one. Don’t even think about dropping one and breaking a case or antenna off. Repairs can cost a company thousands per year.

Enters The Universal Chest Pack.

Lone Peak offers many different styles of chest harness for the needs of their customers. But the main stay is the standard URH-100 Universal radio Harness. All of Lone Peaks radio harnesses have similar features; like a universal radio mounting structure that holds virtually any size radio, that includes an over-the-top bungee strap. Why over the top? Ask any ski patrol person rescuing a skier out of a tree well. Our 4-point attachment system make adjustments for fit just about infinite, and the ease of getting out super easy. Our super tough padded material stands up to years of abuse. Some users have had the same harness for over 20 years, and they keep going. The zippered pocket allows you to carry and have all kinds of gear at your fingertips.

Then there is the comfort of carrying this. Some say that they wouldn’t want anything on their chest, but once you try and see the comfort and utility of the harness, you will never go back. Even with a radio, cell phone, and accessories all day comfort can be had.

The beauty of the radio chest pack, is that you do carry it on your chest. This allows for almost hand free use of the radio, you never have to pull the radio from the harness while in use. While on the chest it is close enough to the mouth for the correct voice modulation, you can just key the radio on the pack and speak into it. And as mentioned before, while on the chest it is out of harms way. Radios last longer with a chest pack. And workers are more often to carry and use a radio with a chest pack as apposed to setting it down on a desk, bench or car seat.

Materials and Colors

Lone Peak also has several versions of the Universal Radio Chest Harness to suit your needs. Need Safety orange for higher visibility? Need genuine 3M reflective for even more pop? Ask railroad workers about that.

Is heat a problem? Lone Peak also has a mesh option. Our mesh is a 1000 D polyester mesh, that stands up to all day and all year long use, but it allows your body to breath around the pack. If you are in a warm climate, the mesh is the way for you.


Lone Peak also has multiple variations for your needs. Need to carry a smart phone for easy access? We have that. Need to carry an extra battery? We have that. Need to carry 2 radios, we have that as well.

All in all, once you try a Lone Peak Universal Radio Harness, you will not want to use anything else.