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bike bag help you reach your new years resolution

In case you haven’t hear, the tag line a better me in 2023 has been bouncing around.  And as we make our new year’s resolutions, we should consider ways to improve ourselves.  Even if we only improve 1%, we are still gaining traction and forward momentum.  

But I want to push it just a little farther and include those around us by using the war cry a better WE in 2023.  We can all become better if we help others to achieve greatness. 

So, what are the standard new years resolutions?  Of course, the number 1 spot at 48% of us say we want to exercise more.  Number 2 is to eat healthier, and # is to lose weight.  It is all 3 of these that I believe Lone Peak can help you with.  So, I am proposing the Lone Peak New Years better we plan. 

  1.  To exercise more.  Get out on your bike.  If it is cold where you are at, then prepare your ride for when weather is better.  Replace tires, make sure all gears are tuned and lubed, or if snow is going to be around for a while, then get a inside trainer.  But 1 more item is getting the right bags for your bicycle so that riding is more fun and enjoyable.
  2. Eat better.  When on a bicycle, its important to eat the right kind of fuel.  The right bag on your bike makes that easier and helps make getting to those snacks faster and safer.  Our top handlebar bags open to the rear so you can access while on your bike.  The Alta handlebar bag is our flag ship bag, but our Mount Baldy and Pfeifferhorn are also great alternatives.
  3. Lose weight.  Riding your bike will lead to a better weight.  The health benefits of riding far out weight most other forms of exercise.  Its fun to do.  You see the world around you in a slower mode than the world seems to push you for, and when we ride with a friend, the benefits double.

So, can a bike bag help you reach your new years resolution?  We think it can.  Resolve to ride across town, then push to ride across your state.  Hint we have bags for all those rides.  Seat bags for basic tolls and full bicycle panniers for riding a long distance.  Resolve to get a set of our Mount Superior Panniers and plan a ride across the US.  That will help you achieve the top 3 resolutions. 

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