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Mount Superior Pannier

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This is Lone Peaks Largest pannier.  Made to take you on the longest ride with room to spare. Top loading and a floating lid make this the prime choice for the long haul tour or ride.


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Lone Peak Mt. Superior Panniers  These have been a main stay for Lone Peak and a must have for the serious adventurer.  Constructed to last a lifetime and made to the standards you have come to expect from Lone Peak.

  • Largest Pannier, Top Loader.
  • Four exterior pockets per pannier.
  • Dual spin drift collar closure, and it adds another 5″ in height to the bag for over stuffing
  • Dimensions; 18″ tall x 12″ W x 7″ Deep (un-extended, you can get more room when you over stuff)
  • Main pocket dimensions are 10″ wide at the top, and narrows down to 8″, 14″ tall x 5.5″ Deep.
  • Lock-on pannier hooks.
  • Width of the rear hooks are 5.5″ on center from hook to hook
  • Adjustable lower bungee hook system.
  • Weight 3.5 lbs for the pair* Volume: 3200+ cubic inches per pair. 54 Liters* Colors: Black, Red, Yellow/black, Brown/black, Royal blue
  • Takes the large rain cover.
  • Price is for the pair.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Blue, Gold, Olive green, Red, Steel


10 mm, 15mm Adjustable, 8 mm

2 reviews for Mount Superior Pannier

  1. Fritz

    I’ve used these panniers for several seasons. I really appreciate having several outside pockets to store gear-they make it easy to locate frequently used items. They are large enough for sandwiches, toiletries, kitchen items tent poles, water bottles, or other odds and ends. One pocket is mesh, allowing items to dry on the fly,, and I like the way it looks. The hooks allow speedy on and off, yet don’t rattle while underway. If my load is smaller than full capacity, the outside straps tighten to take up the excess space and secure the contents.

    I far prefer these multi-pocket panniers over another manufacturer’s large, rubbery single compartment ones that allow small items to migrate to the bottom, necessitating an excavation to find them.

  2. Steve Greene (verified owner)

    I have been cycle touring for over 14 years so far, living out of panniers for weeks, usually camping in wild settings each night. A well designed and robust pannier system is essential when a rider is literally dependent upon the system for food, water, clothing, shelter, and basically just staying alive out there. Up until this year (2023), I have been using panniers from the Canadian company called Arkel, and have found them outstanding, always meeting my needs on all of my adventures.

    I recently decided to give Lone Peak bags a try in 2023, having been curious as to how they would meet my needs because two touring friends of mine have used them, and were very happy with them. So I decided to not get Arkel this time, and try Lone Peak at long last. Well, I am glad I made this switch! I have the same amount of volume in Mt. Superior panniers (54 liters) as I did in the Arkel GT-54 panniers, but the pair is half the weight of the Arkels, and the purchase price is also half.

    Both companies use the same high quality material, so nothing was lost there, but Arkel uses quite a bit of Velcro in their bag systems (which I do not prefer), whereas Lone Peak uses click buckles. Velcro attaches itself to random cloth it touches, whereas the click buckles do not. Velcro is sewn into the bag, so when it loses it attachment capability over time, it cannot be readily replaced, whereas click buckles are easily replaced if they ever break (but it would take abuse to break them).

    One primary reason the Lone Peak Mt. Superior panniers are half the weight of the Arkel GT-54 panniers is because Lone Peak uses a simple system to attach the bags to the rack tubes, whereas Arkel uses a sophisticated adjustable metal system to do so. Additionally, the Velcro in the Arkel bags adds unnecessary weight. Both companies make high quality pannier systems, and either will work fine for the serious rider, so it comes down to feature preference on the bags. I did have a pair of Ortlieb Back Roller Pro Classic panniers for a short while, but did not like them for a variety of reasons, so when I sold them, I made the transition to Lone Peak.

    I highly recommend the Lone Peak Mt. Superior panniers for any serious long distance cyclist. I also use the Deluxe Rack Pack trunk in combination with the Mt. Superior panniers, making a total volume of 70 liters. I am quite satisfied with my acquisition of Lone Peak products! There is nothing like trying bags in the real world personally to understand the benefits they have to offer.

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